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Abeilles, guêpes, mouches                Bees, wasps, flies

Abeille                            Apis mellifera        Honeybee on marjoram

The honeybees are having a hard time, with viral disease and attacks from imported species.  I give them every possible encouragement!

Abeille noir sur clematite jasmin                   Honeybee on jasmine clematis

Short-winged honeybee on purple mountain daisy

March 2022

(To identify)

Small orange bumblebee

Small orange bumblebee on lavender

 Small grey bumblebee

Small grey bumblebee on marjoram

This bee nests in the nearby grassy bank and is one of the earliest to emerge in Spring.

Bumblebee and small wasp on a peony

Striped bumblebee on a hollyhock

White tailed bumblebee

Chrysotoxum cautum                         Hover fly

The colours protect this fly from predators.  It breeds in ants' nests, where the larvae eat aphids.

Wasps on mountain knapweed

Ammophilia sabulosa                              Sand wasp on marjoram

A solitary wasp that excavates its nest in sandy ground.  Likes to stock its nest with one single non-hairy caterpillar.

The lavender is a great attraction!

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