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 Grenouille rousse                                               Mountain frog

Rana temporaria   

Une grenouille de montagne qui se reproduit jusqu'à 2700m d'altitude.  Elle est apparue le 23 juillet 2017 sur la terrasse et elle a passé le reste de l'été dans ce grand pot de joubarbe !  Je n'ai pas vu de congénères.  Espèce protégé

This charming quite large frog appeared on the terrace just once in July 2017 and spent the entire summer in this flower pot wedged in between the mountain succulents.  Protected species.

Crapaud commun            Bufo bufo           Common European Toad

Femelle trouvée le 17 juillet 2021 dans un coin de la véranda. Elle a vite regagné un coin dans le jardin.  L'année suivante elle était au même endroit, dans un seau !  Le même jour on a trouvé le mâle sur l'escalier entre les 2 parties du jardin.


Female, discovered one July day 2021 behind the cleaning materials in the verandah.  She didn't like the attention and disappeared back to obscurity somewhere in the garden.  The next year she was back in the same place, hiding in the cleaning bucket.  The same week we also saw the male, on the steps between the upper and lower gardens.

Wikipedia says: "The common toad seems to be in decline in part of its range, but overall is listed as being of "least concern" in the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.[1] It is threatened by habitat loss, especially by drainage of its breeding sites, and some toads get killed on the roads as they make their annual migrations. It has long been associated in popular culture and literature with witchcraft"

L'entrée du jour                                        Snails for lunch, anyone?

1.  Snails mating    2. A glow worm riding on a snail's back

Lézard                                                        Lizard

These smallish lizards live mainly behind and around the fountain and in the ivy on the barn wall. They have very attractive markings.  I call them all "Fred".

Lézard                                      Lizard and clematis

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