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Adonis annua                  Pheasant's eye

Fam: Ranunculacae 

Plante rare.  Ne pas cueillir !

A red buttercup!  Other common names are: Blooddrops, Red Camomile, Rose-a-Ruby.  This flower is small and unobtrusive.  It has become very rare in Europe but one stand appeared in Le Maurier garden for one year and locally it can be found singly or in small groups in meadowland or on the edge of ploughed cornfields.  It may have 4-8 petals.  It is listed as a medicinal plant but the leaves and roots are poisonous to humans and livestock.  A treasure!

Rose                                         Mazurka

This gorgeous heavily-scented rose is the essence of summer romance.  A tiny fly is making a temporary stop.

Coquelicot    Field poppy

Colore les champs en mai, à la grande joie des photographes mais au désespoir des paysans !

Fragile and spectacular, red poppies brighten the surrounding fields in May.

Cultivated tulips

Planted by the previous owner of the land, they come up every year in unexpected places!

Red sage

Much visited over the summer by the hummingbird moth!

Sauge rouge cultivé                  Red sage and Cuckoo Spit

This herb has a most delightful strong scent of apple and lemon.  Good in salads or simply for soothing the nerves!    The "Cuckoo Spit" is produced by the nymph of a bug, the froghopper, in the Cercopoidea family

Oeillet cultivé            Carnation

Cultivated in a pot

Geranium with Tiger Moth

The Tiger Moth emerged on this plant in 2020 and stayed for several days before going off to explore the garden.  Its underwings are the same colour as the geranium.

Lys orangé des Alpes                                               Alpine Lily

Dans la nature, se trouve en altitude d'environ 2000 m autour des lacs et des endroits humides.  Dans ce jardin, il était transplanté par mon prédecesseur aux années 50 devant la maison.  Fleurit en juin.

This delightful wild lily had already been transplanted by my predecessor before I started my garden.  It now grows at the front of the house under a cherry tree and in the Hot Garden.

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