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Succulent sedum with honey bee

One of the first plants in the garden to flower (February).  The insects are immediately attracted.

Pommier sauvage                                                         Apple blossom

Ce pommier pousse derrière la grange.  Il s'est planté tout seul bien avant mon temps.  Je ne le taille pas, laissant libre accès aux oiseaux qui s'y régalent.  Dans une bonne année il échappe aux gels tardifs et fleurit abondamment, produisant de délicieuses petites pommes roses et jaunes.  En 2020 j'ai pu faire faire 48 litres de jus bio !

This lovely wild apple tree was already in place behind the barn before my time.  I let it grow unhindered, which makes it very attractive to birds.  It is vulnerable to late frosts but barring that, produces a generous crop of sweet yellow and pink apples.  In 2020 I had them pressed, producing 48 litres of tasty organic apple juice.

Geranium robertianum                          Herb Robert

Vieille plante médicinale, dans la famille des géraniums.

There are various wild geraniums in this garden; this is the smallest and the first to flower.  The leaves form a very pretty rosette low on the ground.  Tiny flower about 1.5 cm. The plant spreads in groups and forms a carpet, in April mixed with grape hyacinths for effect.  An old medicinal plant containing ethereal oil, tannins and an unknown alkaloid.  The 'Robert' in question was a 17th century pope.

Scented Geranium


The leaves have a delightful lemon-y scent when crushed.

Alpine Geranium and Cranesbill

Plusieurs géranuims sauvages peuplent ce jardin.  Ici, un geranium rose des Alpes et le petit violet qui se plaît partout en Haute Provence.

Several wild geraniums inhabit this garden.  The larger pink Alpine variety travelled to England and decorated the side of a former grass tennis court in my mother's garden, whence it travelled back to France.  In the background Cranesbill flowers profusely; it is common all over the region.


Grows freely all over the grassy areas of this garden.  Here, with a trichodes alvearius and Herb Robert.  Flowers in May.

Early flowering clematis Montana

Cultivated.   Small flowers open in May.  Very vulnerable to late frosts.  In the South of England covers the cottages in clouds of flowers.  Here it does not like the altitude and growth is meagre.

Question:  Why do snails climb creepers?

Sainfoin                               Common Sainfoin

Onobrychis viciifolia

fam. Fabaceae

Très présente sur la pelouse devant le hangar.  Très apprécié par les insectes !

Grows in large patches on the top lawn.  Very attractive to a wide variety of insects.  Widely used for fodder.

Orchis pyramidale                                 Pyramid  orchid

Anacamptis pyramidalis

. Plante protégée : sur la liste rouge nationale française et européenne.

A protected species.  One solitary example grows on the bank in the "Cool Garden" and flowers in late May/early June.

Goat's Beard Orchid

A tall plant, grows singly here and there in long grass.  4 stands on the top lawn.  Does not flower every year.

 Sauge velours                  Cool Garden with Hairy Sage

Salvia stachys byzantina

Commun dans les alpages; se plaît dans ce jardin à n'importe quel endroit.

Saponaria                                                                     Soap Wort

Collectée au bord de la route près de Volx, la commune où l'entreprise Occitane a commencé sa vie.  Elle pousse aussi dans les talus autour de Turriers, à 1000 m d'altitude.  Cette plante fut connue par les romains qui, eux,, en fabriquaient du savon.

This lovely fragrant wildflower with pale pink waxy petals was well-known to the Romans who, as its name suggests, made soap from it.  My specimen was collected by the wayside at Volx and here grows under the hazel bush in the Cool Garden.  Flowers in June.  This plant also grows wild in the lane leading down from Le Maurier.


Notez l'abeille chargée de pollen !

A feature of the shrubbery in June.  It is very attractive to bees (look for one laden with pollen)

Carotte sauvage                                        Pink wild carrot

Usually all white, this specimen started as a very pretty pink.

Pied d'alouette                                                                        Larkspur

Wild larkspur comes in blue, pink and white.  It seeds itself all over the garden and especially in the veg patch and is one of the joys of Le Maurier garden in June and July

Wild Sweet Pea

There are 2 varieties of wild Sweet Pea in the garden - this is the smaller one, a pale mauve and cream colour.  For the larger one, see below.

Luthyrus tuberosus                                                                  Wild Sweet Pea

This is the larger of 2 varieties in the garden, a lovely rich pink colour.

Geule de loup                                                         Pink Snapdragon


Escaped from a garden centre purchase, now wilding in pots intended for something else and in warm spots all over the garden.

See comments on the "Yellow" page of this catalogue.

Epilobium hirsutum                                          Great Willowherb

Trifolium pratense                                                    Red Clover

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